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STATUS: Complete

CLIENT: City of Glendale

The opening of The Americana at Brand helped the City of Glendale to push through the plan of Central Park Paseo, which had been a concept for nearly a decade.  The project is a mid-block pedestrian path that runs at about 120 feet long and 50 feet wide. The paseo will lead visitors from downtown venues to public attractions including the Museum of Neon Art, Central Park, the Adult Recreation Center, and the Glendale Central Library.

The design of the Paseo incorporates a brick paving pattern that runs along Brand Boulevard, a wood deck, and a terraced central planter with drought-tolerant plants. The plumbing sign is a replica of an original that belonged to the defunct Westwood business, and now belongs to the Museum of Neon Art and serves as an entrance sign and an art installation. The palm trees at the eastern end of the paseo mark a formal entrance for visitors entering the downtown district from Central Park, and vice versa as visitors enter Central Park from the hustle and bustle downtown.

project completed while with other firm

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