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STATUS: Complete

CLIENT: Port of Los Angeles

AWARD: Award of Merit, Best Renovation/                    Restoration by ENR of California,                    2012

The planning of Cabrillo Way Marina was designed to bring communities closer to the water and triple the amount of existing open space. The Cabrillo Way Marina site consists of approximately 14 acres of land and 39 acres of water. The marina was long past its useful life and quickly becoming a safety hazard. 

The old marina was demolished and replaced with a new floating dock system designed to accommodate approximately 700 boat slips. A 1,200-foot-long trellis ties together this plaza with an arrival court off of the site's primary vehicular entrance and a park-like landform above the promenade. Running along the water's edge is a generous pedestrian promenade which varies in width from 30 to 50 feet. Along the promenade, a a series of new gangway "pavilions" mark entries to the marina's jetties and frame vistas across the marina to the ocean and hills of Palos Verdes beyond.

The site's placemaking elements are designed to reflect the nautical character which defines the marina. All materials were selected specifically for maximum durability in a waterfront environment and to tie in with those used in other areas of the overall waterfront development.  

Numerous benches, picnic tables, and platform seating provide ample space to rest, relax, and view the marina. The marina’s identity signage, the trellis, and the gangway pavilions are all inspired by nautical design and prominently feature marine-inspired cabling and hardware. Drought-tolerant planting borders the promenade, infusing color and texture into the waterfront, and groves of date palms punctuate the vehicular connections to the promenade. A sprinkling of Mexican fan palms marks an area of open space at the end of the trellis and ties visually to the landscape of neighboring San Pedro.

project completed while with other firm

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