STATUS: In Progress

CLIENT: Los Angeles Valley Community                          College

Gold Creek is an ecosystem-based restoration plan for the Gold Creek Ecological Field Station, located in the Angeles National Forest, that was burned by the Creek Fire in December 2017. The Station is an educational facility located on 240 acres owned by the Los Angeles Valley Community College. The objective of the restoration plan is to restore the site to pre-fire conditions to ensure that recovery proceeds in a way that maintains the learning value and ecological diversity.

To gain an understanding of the ecological complexity of the site, our team initiated the project with extensive site analysis including microclimates, hydrology, soils, geology, vegetation, species of concern, land use, and fire history.

Based on the site analysis, our team characterized the site into six unique zones.  They include: The Ecological Field Station, Riparian Oak Woodland, Invasive Species Dominated Areas, Erosion Prone Areas, Native Herbaceous Meadow Areas, and areas best suited for Natural Regeneration.

We carefully tailored restoration and management recommendations for each zone. Restoration strategies differ based upon the objectives identified for each zone and require a variety of techniques emphasizing planting, invasive species control, and erosion control.

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