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STATUS: Schematic Design

Originally built in 2005, the Tapestry II housing complex management team decided it was time for some exterior enhancements. The project includes an existing 4-building, 50-unit attached townhome development consisting of distinctive three and four level townhomes that create an intimate neighborhood. The project includes streetscape, landscaped planters, and interior courtyard –roughly 20,000 SF.

YKD developed a set of design principals based on client input and site conditions and studied two areas during Concept Design. Further refinement during the Master Plan phase of work solidified a design approach based on simplifying the plant palette; creating structure in the landscape with clean, open views; focusing on high visibility areas for quick impact; adding a simple material palette to reinforce clean lines and reduce maintenance; and being budget conscious by using plants adapted to the coastal climate that require low water and maintenance. Additional plant palette considerations included architectural elevations, window treatments, building color, microclimates, and sun/shade requirements.

To date, YKD has completed a partial Schematic Design plan used to determine a Rough Order of Magnitude cost and is anticipating the next design phase.