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CLIENT: City of Fontana

In order to accommodate contemporary travel needs and resolve congestion and traffic accidents, the City of Fontana will widen approximately 4,700 feet of Foothill Boulevard from Hemlock Avenue to Almeria Avenue.


The Foothill Boulevard Street Improvement project will replace the existing four lanes with six travel lanes while adding shoulders, sidewalks, Class II bike lanes, and a raised landscaped median. Additionally, to accommodate the street widening, it will replace the historic Malaga Bridge with a new single span steel truss bridge.


Planting areas include new raised medians and planting along the Pacific Electric Inland Empire Bike Trail. The medians will feature the City’s typical boulder and rock treatment with a plant palette to match existing median plantings along Foothill Blvd. The bike trail features restored signage and a rich plant palette consisting of California native, climate-adapted, and drought-tolerant plants that require a low level of maintenance and less water. The irrigation system features a smart controller for seasonally appropriate watering and subsurface drip lines to optimize water use.

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