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STATUS: Construction Document 
CLIENT: KIA America 

Kia America, Kia’s North American headquarter located in Irvine, California, sought YKD to upgrade its existing landscape to better reflect its corporate identity as a leader in automobile manufacturing and innovative design. The executive management want the corporate campus to provide a space for Kia’s product launches, exhibitions, as well as a creative outdoor space for their employees.

New water features, plaza, and nature walk will replace the existing deteriorated landscape space and nonfunctioning water feature. The design intent of the plaza is to have a comfortable and flexible outdoor place for employees to engage in social activities and support outdoor meetings. It features a grove of sycamore trees to provide shade during summer months and allow sunlight for warmth during winter months. Built-in stone seat walls and movable tables and chairs provide formal and informal seating. 

The nature garden features an informal path and planting area comprised of Southern California native plants. As one strolls along the path, they will encounter groups of deciduous riparian trees, flowering woodland trees, and evergreen scrub oaks and junipers scattered throughout the garden for dynamic seasonal interest. Upcycled benches will use salvaged concrete from the demolition of the existing water feature are placed along the pathway for seating. Colorful native perennials, fragrant sages, massing of evergreen groundcovers, and sweeps of soft native grasses make up the understory planting. The overall planting design strictly follows the City of Irvine’s Sustainable Landscape Design Guideline to ensure compliance with the city’s sustainable goal and mission.

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